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“Simplicity Defines Every SmackGlobal Innovation”!

Welcome to the SmackGlobal, Inc. family of safety and security products. We exist to provide our subscribers a secondary layer of safety and security in most every application and setting. Our I.D.’s are offered in either an open format (Smack Community I.D., Smack Shoe Tag I.D. and Smack Canine I.D.) or closed format (Smack Emergency I.D., Smack Student I.D., Smack Buss Pass and Smack Pick-Up Pass).
Open Format – Due to the fact that anyone with a QR Code reader can access the data behind these QR Codes, the information displayed is limited.
Closed Format – The QR Codes on these products can only be accessed by CREDENTIALED first responders and administrators. (For administrators, credentialing is based on and determined by the organization implementing the closed format I.D.’s). Examples include: An elementary school, a college, a swim team, a daycare center and a retirement community to name a few. Special Note: Credentialed First Responders have access to all data behind all closed format I.D.’s.
It is our hope that your Smack I.D.'s are never scanned.

Smack Emergency I.D.
Smack Community I.D.